2015 …

2015 is coming to an end and I haven’t written a post on this blog in month’ – well, in almost half a year. After graduating from the Founder Institute I stopped writing on this blog and focused on Taletrack  …
The Founder Institute was a great experience, I learned a lot, met many interesting people, made friends and ended up founding Taletrack.
But there was also another successful project in 2015, which I already initiated in 2014 and ran through 2015:
The reason I started this community for iOS/MacOs developers and designers was simply not finding any existing community. Right from the beginning I’ve got great help from many of the people that are members of the group, people that shared their knowledge, presentation, … etc. and especially from Erick Camacho and Norberto Ortigoza, who helped me organise and promote our meetings and did many presentations as well.
NSCoder Nights is an existing concept I already knew from other cities, where I lived before, like Barcelona and London, and they are supposed to be weekly meetings. From my past experience it was clear that this is hard to achieve, which is why I decided to do monthly meetings instead.
We started with very few people. I still remember very well the first meetup, we were only 8 people, met in a nice café in la colonia Roma and there was this this one guy saying: “we’ll see if this group will still exist in a few month and be more than just a couple of nerds drinking beer …”
The second meetup 15 people came and we decided to organise an introductory event to Swift, the back then, new programming language from Apple. It was a great success 35 people came and wanted more …
Since then we did more meetings with presentations, others just having a drink and discussing our latest issues and experiences in the Apple world.
We had some special guests, having Hector from Spotify coming from Sweden and Luis the organiser of the NSSpain iOS/OSX conference, sharing their experiences with us.
Thanks to Centraal and Applause, we do now meet every second month in their facilities, usually having two very interesting presentations, while we keep meeting in a cafe or bar every other month.
As of today we are over 320 people, have an average of 35-40 people assisting our formal events with presentations and about 15-20 people when we meet every other month in a cafe or bar.
You can find more info about the NSCoder Nights Mexico, the presentation we had so far and when we meet next on our website and/or meetup group:
You can also follow us on Twitter or Facebook:
It would be great to see you at our meetings from time to time.
Well, that’s it for 2015. Thanks for reading this and supporting these projects.
I wish you all some great christmas and end of the year holidays!

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