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… this last week was all about the organisation and planning of our first adventure’s live testing event:

“Legends of Coyoacán”:

We designed the adventure based on some routes we had done during the weeks before, defined which legends to include without making the overall experience too short or too long, documented the content for each legend and decided on some simple game dynamics.
In parallel we started promoting the adventure as an event on Facebook, Twitter and our Our landing page was converted into mini website, adding the event promotion and the adventure description. The aim was it to get at least 10 people out on the street with us discovering the “Legends of Coyoacán”.

Saturday morning 11 o’clock we met at a specified meeting point, La Catrina, a very nice and small Cafe in the historic center of Coyoacán and our first adventure did begin. We had exactly 10 people participating 😉

Thanks for your support!

It has been a fun and very informative experience. We learned very much from it. You can read the full story here:



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