FI – Sales and Traction

During this past week until today we needed to get our first sales. A difficult task taking into account that we don’t have our product developed yet. So we decided to sell a simple prototype of the app combined with a first guided adventure:
Next Saturday 27th of June, we will meet at 11 am in a nice café in the center of Coyoacán. There we will give the participants access to our prototype and the information necessary to live the “simulated” adventure, “Legends of Coyoacan”. They will then have around one and a half hours until we meet again and ask for feedback on the adventure. Based on the feedback we will decide on who will retrieve a reward. It will be a lot of fun!
You can still sign up and be part of it:
The adventure promotion started yesterday and we concentrated on using a combination of our new Facebook Page, our Landing Page and Eventbrite as the sales channel. Until now we got about 61 new likes and 190 visits to our website promoting the adventure, of which 27 clicked the “Buy” button. Still we only sold 2 tickets until now. At same time having 6 people saying they will be going – on Facebook … 😉
… and there are a couple of maybes …
We also had someone asking for an alternative possibility to pay. We are sorry, but right now we don’t an official one, but this will definitely be solved with IAP, once the app is online. 
So, for now, if you don’t have a PayPal account and don’t want to create on, please mail me and we’ll find a solution.
There’s three days to go and if we get two more sales each day, we will make it up to 8, 80% of the 10 that we wanted to reach. And, let’s see if any of those saying yes on Facebook will turn up.
We would appreciate if you could help us with the promotion by telling your friends about it, liking our Facebook page, posting the link to the event or inviting people to the event.
Something like the following would be good:
“Check this out: These guys are working on a pretty cool project called Taletrack. It’s an app for running gamified cultural visits. This Saturday they are presenting their first adventure. Don’t miss it!”
Or in spanish:
“Mira esto, estos chicos están trabajando un proyecto muy cool llamado Taletrack. Hacen una app de rutas culturales ludificados. Este Sábado habra un evento en que presentan su primera aventura. No te lo pierdes!”
But, you know what, just do it in your own words, you better know how to convince you friends.
Also, any idea or feedback on the pricing and on how we could do better promotion would be very much appreciated.

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