FI – Mentor Progress Review

Traletrack just passed another milestone at the Founder Institute:
… we passed the second Mentor Review with fantastic feedback. We did pretty good again 😉
So, having reached this milestone, we are highly motivated and started working on the next big step:
We are planning a first MVP / Prototype Testing Session with a limited group of people during one of the upcoming weekends. We could call it a Focus Group, but we will make this a real and fun experience.
Together with our fantastic tour guide and storyteller Rodrigo, we are currently developing our first adventure:
“Leyendas de Coyoacan.”
The aim is to have a limited version of the adventure prototyped by the end of next week.
We will then select 10 people to meet at a café/bar where we explain the dynamics – and off we go to discover the legends of Coyoacan. It will be a real experience and therefore we will need to ask you to pay for it – sorry, but that’s part of the game / testing 😉
Don’t worry, it won’t be more than 50 Mexican Pesos and they will be nicely converted into rewards for some of the participants.
We will announce this sessions on our new Twitter and Facebook pages. So please make sure you like and/or follow us 😉
After receiving your feedback and enhancing the adventure we will do at least one other session before starting the actual development on the real app.
This is great news, isn’t it? It’s been less then three month since I entered the Founder Institute, without having decided for, not even defined the idea, and now, company constitution is only a matter of days, we’ve got our brand and our business model defined, and we are already launching our first adventure.
The reason we made it that far so fast, are the Founder Institute guys pushing us every day to move forward, enhance, decide, pivot, do, … Without their pressure and guidance we wouldn’t have made it here today.
Equally or probably even more important is the feedback we get from our teams and mentors, which always bring us on the right track – or make us leave the program, overthink our ideas and come back another year …
Well, there’s still 3 weeks to go, a lot of tasks to finish and then the real adventure starts. No one pushing us, no one guiding us, except ourselves. We will see how we do, how we will advance without the Founder Institute pushing …
Thanks for helpings us getting to this point so fast!

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