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Your great feedback and support made me take the decision to move from a mere idea to a project and from there to be a company soon. Anyways, that was last week already and it was just another step forward on a long, long adventure …

What is a company without a team?

There’s one man companies, but Taletrack needs a team. And that’s what all this weeks work was about, answering the following questions:

What profiles do I need in my team to get a first MVP out?
Who can best advise me during the next month and years of this adventure?
Who do I actually want in my team?
Who can I afford to pay?
What do I offer those I can’t pay?
What will I want and have to do myself?
Which are the main responsibilities?

I came up with the following profiles I will need to get a first MVP running as soon as possible:
UX/UI Designer
Mobile & Back-End Developer
Technical Advisor
Marketing Advisor
Business Advisor

Some of those roles I could fill myself, but it would probably take me a year to get a first MVP out and the result would be mediocre.
So, I have been contacting many people during these last days, trying to figure out the answers to all those questions and getting my team set up. There’s still a lot more people I need to contact, talk to, interview and get to know better during the next weeks before Taletrack is ready for MVP.
During this last week, I contacted 11 people by mail, talked to 4 in person and confirmed a very skilled technical and a great business advisor. Both already started helping me with the definition of the product details.
I’m also already in touch with a fantastic storyteller. I hope to be able to convince him during the next couple of days.

The intention of this post has been mainly informative, but if you think I have forgotten any necessary profile or you are interested filling in any of the above profiles, or know someone who could be, don’t hesitate to get in touch!
Any help is more than appreciated!




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