FI – Mentor Review, Pitch Deck & Idea

Thanks to your great feedback during the last couple of weeks, I’ve been able to successfully pitch the project and pass the first Mentor Review by the Founder Institute.
I would like to share my current PitchDeck with you and get some feedback on it. The idea behind it being to keep it clean and simple and using keywords only. Not more than 10 slides. Any details and/or explanations form part of my spoken pitch. You can find it here:
It would be great to hear what you think about the design and content.
What would you change?
What is missing?
What is unnecessary?
Besides I’ve been making progress on the project itself, mainly working on legal issues, but also enhancing the logo and the landing page. You can find the new version here:
I’m working on the following logo alternatives. And I’m still not sure about the colours. For now it’s orange, but I’m inclined to go green again.
signpost orange          signpost orange
signpost green          signpost green
Do you think orange makes it more fun? Green more corporate?
… and with text:
signpost + text 4
signpost + text 5
Any comments are welcome!

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