2015 …

2015 is coming to an end and I haven’t written a post on this blog in month’ – well, in almost half a year. After graduating from the Founder Institute I stopped writing on this blog and focused on Taletrack […]

Empty Bench

FI – 3 more days …

3 more days to go and the Founder Institute experience is over. It’s been 13 intensive weeks, we learned a lot, worked a lot and got our companies set-up and “running”. Running is probably a bit exaggerated. We are all incorporated, […]


FI – Branding & Marketing

… this last week was all about the organisation and planning of our first adventure’s live testing event: “Legends of Coyoacán”: We designed the adventure based on some routes we had done during the weeks before, defined which legends to […]


FI – Mentor Progress Review

Traletrack just passed another milestone at the Founder Institute: … we passed the second Mentor Review with fantastic feedback. We did pretty good again 😉 So, having reached this milestone, we are highly motivated and started working on the next […]